Brock Petrie

Iโ€™m Brock, a product guy who enjoys designing and developing novel experiences. Currently spending my time as cofounder of Runic Labs, a web3 skunkworks. Runic is building Patchwork, an EVM protocol for onchain data.

I have a dog named Rose, a kid named Amory with my lovely wife Katrina, and a laptop named Ava. I once had a dog named Penny. She was my best friend and the goodest girl. I miss her every day.

I like obscure music, my motherโ€™s pumpkin pie, and getting lost with my camera in the backwoods of northern Minnesota. I dislike outhouses, crowds, and my tendency to be overly shy in social situations.

My hobbies include reading, failing creatively, learning useless facts, and committing absolutely dismal code directly to main when nobodyโ€™s looking. I occasionally post words and photos on my microblog Parataxis.

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2022 โ€“

Runic Labs

Web3 studio


2018 โ€“ 2022


Crypto platform juggernaut

โ€˜21 โ€“ Partnerships Lead, Digital Culture vertical

โ€˜19 โ€“ Senior Brand Manager

โ€˜18 โ€“ Product Lead, Paradex

2017 โ€“ 2018


Ethereum-based decentralized exchange, acq. by Coinbase

Head of Product

2016 โ€“ 2017

Somewhere Agency

Embedded strategy & management consulting firm


2012 โ€“ 2017

News Deeply

Independent media company that did some amazing deep-dive journalism around global crises. TIME even called us โ€œthe future of news.โ€ Some of the most rewarding work Iโ€™ve ever done.

Head of Products

2004 โ€“ 2012

Misc advertising